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Selling your home is a major decision and requires planning, preparation and an experienced and credentialed REALTORĀ®.

I have compiled a collection of useful home seller resources to provide you with guidance and answers to some of your questions. Make sure you list your property with a REALTORĀ®, not just a licensed Sales Associate, to ensure that your transaction is handled in a professional and ethical manner.

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Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry

It is an unfortunate fact of our society that some people engage in behavior that makes them NOT safe to have around children. HERE is the link to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board

All cities or towns have Registered Sex Offenders, and some of the people on the list did not commit a crime against a child. After you have located the individuals contact the police department to get a better idea of the crime that was committed. You will be shocked to learn that not all individuals classified as Level 3 Sex Offenders have committed a crime against a child, and that many of them are not a danger to have around your children. As a homeowner you may not have knowledge of the fact that a Registered Sex Offender living in proximity to your home, but that does not mean that they are not living there or that a prospective purchaser won’t discover it.

North Bristol County Online GIS

The Online GIS System will allow you to see a layout of your lot and to see it exactly how the buyer will see it. You will also see if there are wetlands on your property or surrounding your property. This gives you the overhead view of your lot and the lots surrounding. Press HERE to go to the North Bristol County Online GIS.

Massachusetts has an Online GIS system as well. You can access the MA Online GIS System by pressing HERE.

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