I listened to a song today!!! Yup, I did!! I know, I know … whoop-de-do!! But this song came on the radio at JUST the right time, with JUST the right message! You so know what I mean by that!!

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac…….admit it, you like the song!

But the line of:

Thunder only happens when it’s raining
Players only love you when they’re playing

has just hit a chord with me at this time. In real estate you are independent. You are SELF employed. Although I am affiliated with a Brokerage, they do not “get me” my business. I have to get up, go out, and get it!

As is typical every January, agents reflect back on their business, or lack of it which is typically what the issue is, and leave the company they are affiliated with because “the company didn’t do enough for them”. You may not know that this happens, but it does!! They don’t leave because of valid company flaws, such as immoral or unethical behavior as those departures happen all year long. No, in January it is always because of “what the company didn’t or isn’t doing for them”.

I feel like I am going to go in to a JFK Jr. speech –

“And so, my fellow Agents: ask not what your company can do for you — ask what you can do for your company.”

Why is it that people go into an industry to be independent, to be self-employed, to not have your hours, days, and weeks controlled by someone else….THEN want someone else to “Give them”???? I truly don’t get it!! You are INDEPENDENT, you chose the occupation! How much training do you need????

Our job has not changed AT ALL in the 20 years I have been “practicing” (and I put that in quotes because it is always a learning experience) real estate. The forms have changed a little bit, some of the laws a little bit, some of the requirements a little bit……..but it is all just a lil bit!!

What has changed is technology. How quickly we can conduct our business. How we market our properties. How we communicate with our clients and customers. And this is a daily changing atmosphere!!

What I find SILLY is relying on a REAL ESTATE company to “train” you in technology. Relying on a REAL ESTATE company to “train” you on up-to-date marketing sites, portals and apps. Relying on a REAL ESTATE company to “educate” you on how to implement the newest gadget! By the time the REAL ESTATE company gets familiar with the newest technology, learns it, waters it down, trains the trainers, puts it into print, and then sends it to all the countries, cities and states, it is OLD NEWS!!! It has been seen, overlooked and either implemented or rejected by the INDEPENDENT agents that look for education in TECHNOLOGY from TECH COMPANIES and people!!

I guess the words – Thunder only happens when its raining….players only love you when their playing  –  leads to “business only comes when you are working” for me!